Lumin Sanitizer

Lumin CPAP cleaner is different from the SoClean 2, it uses a UV light source to clean and disinfect your CPAP equipment. This UV light sanitation system is not new, yet it is not very commonly found in home sanitizer units and cleaners. UV light is capable of destroying mild bacteria, viruses and even several types of fungi that might reside inside your tubing or other parts of your CPAP equipment.

UV light sanitation is typically used in hospital environments and in sterile rooms. Also, Lumin will disinfect your equipment much faster, compared to SoClean 2 Sanitizer. While the SoClean takes about 2 hours plus 4 hours ozone emission before use, Lumin will sanitize your equipment within 5 minutes, with the touch of a single button. The disinfection process is nicely indicated through ambient UV light on the main unit. Lumin is a completely Ozone free sanitizer machine, which is completely safe and secure to use. The machine is equipped with an easy access stray, so it can basically sanitize anything that fits into that tray (such as baby toys for example).

Lumin also represents an extremely cost-efficient solution, because there are no replacement parts, filters or any solutions/detergents that you need to purchase. UV light will kill 99,99% of all the bacteria and fungi that represent a high degree of risk to your health. Using your CPAP equipment on a day by day basis, you must ensure it is completely clean and disinfected each time you start your treatment session.

Patients with respiratory illnesses should also opt for a sanitizer that is completely safe to use, instead of the Ozone based ones which can be harmful. This is also an extremely affordable option. When purchasing CPAP sanitizers, make sure you will invest in a top quality device. You want to get the best warranty, and the best quality for your money.

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