Diagnosed with sleep apnea? Getting started on CPAP therapy is easy!

What you need to know before starting CPAP

Once you’ve been diagnosed with sleep apnea, you’ll receive a prescription from a doctor in order to acquire a CPAP machine and start therapy. The prescription will list a pressure setting, which is determined by the prescribing physician based on the results of your sleep study.

Here are some items to cover when getting started with your CPAP therapy:

  • Go over your CPAP prescription and doctor recommendations together
  • Discuss mask types, your sleep style and any allergies
  • Tell them what you notice helps and hurts your sleep
  • Ask about their CPAP supply replacement program and how those work with your insurance coverage

Types of masks

Finding the right mask and machine is essential to your CPAP treatment – after all, if your mask is uncomfortable or your machine is loud and clunky, you’ll be less likely to use them.

You may have a mask prescribed to you, or your prescription might indicate that it’s up to you to choose the mask you prefer. The most common types of CPAP masks include:

  • Nasal pillows masks
  • Nasal masks
  • Full face masks
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CPAP machine options

Your machine type will be prescribed to you based on your specific needs. There are three types of PAP machines:

  • One pressure (CPAP)
  • Auto-adjusting pressure (APAP)
  • Two air pressures (Bilevel)

CPAP machine features to consider

The right mask and the right CPAP machine work in conjunction to best fit your needs. Machines like the AirSense 10 models and DreamStation models are high-tech, portable, and quiet. What features do you value?

  • Smart data: Data recording is useful for seeing areas where your equipment – and your sleep quality – can improve. AirSense 10 works with myAir™ app to track episodes of snoring or apnea, leak rates, pressure changes, and more. DreamStation models work with DreamMapper™app, which lets you know how your night’s sleep went and how your therapy is progressing. It will also tell you if you’re not reaching your goals, and offers suggestions to get you back on track.
  • Ramp-up: With the ramp feature your machine starts at a low pressure and slowly increases it to your prescribed level, giving you time to adjust to higher pressures – or to fall asleep before your machine reaches its highest pressure.
  • Humidification: Built-in humidifiers and heated tubing setting provide breathing comfort and keep your nose and mouth from drying out. This lowers your chances of side effects related to dryness, and is an essential feature for most CPAP users.
  • Compact size: Most of us travel at least some of the time, whether visiting family for the holidays or taking weekend trips. Portable, lightweight machines are becoming more and more common, and are just as powerful as bigger machines thanks to modern technology.
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Backup Batteries

Z2 PowerShell

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Why YourCPAPStore.ca?

Getting your CPAP device online is quick, convenient, and more cost-effective! Our highly trained Respiratory Therapists are ready to help ensure you are successful with your CPAP therapy. You can receive help selecting the right mask, setting up your device with your prescribed settings, and we are happy to stay connected and send reports to your Sleep Physician when requested! YourCPAPStore is here to help you every step of the way on your CPAP journey!


This blog post contains general information about medical conditions and potential treatments. It is not medical advice. If you have any medical questions, please consult your doctor.

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